HYPERSPACE [a literary depiction of psychosis]



The Truth Behind Hyperspace…A Real Event

“If you want to understand why planet Earth, your home, is a Lunatic Asylum, HYPERSPACE will show you!”

In the last HYPERSPACE blog post, I wrote the following: “The literary agent of today would reject MOBY DICK after reading the first paragraph.” I invite you to read this post. (A short scroll down.)  It briefly explains why publishing literary fiction today is almost impossible. The current market, dictated mostly by literary agents, forces the fiction writer to make a choice: write to make money, or write to create literary art. In the past the two were not mutually exclusive. Today they are.

HYPERSPACE is literary fiction, and as such it had to be self-published. No agent would touch it. It is as intense a character study as was ever written in the world of fiction. There is no violence (except for the story’s end), no police, no spies, no magicians with magic wands…

The truth of HYPERSPACE was communicated to me by a real event decades ago. This event began with my decision to forgo a Primal therapy group session. At that time the Primal Institute (now the Primal Center in Los Angeles) had a branch in New York City. The discoverer of Primal therapy, psychologist Arthur Janov, was going to be at the group session that evening. I wanted to meet the person who may be the most innovative psychologist since Freud, but I simply did not feel like going to the facility that evening. So I descended the New York City catacombs (the subway) and stepped onto a Brooklyn bound F train.

Then occurred what might have been an act of God! The subway lost power! After five minutes I decided that I would rather walk back to my starting point (the train traveled one stop) and go to the group session rather than waste my time on a hot, sticky, smelly subway going nowhere.

Once at Primal Institute East, I seated myself in the large group session room: on a padded floor leaning against a padded wall. (Yes, everything was padded, the essential point of Primal therapy being to release your feelings, not repress them…with the proviso you do not release those feelings on other people, but on the wall, or whatever else to can punch, without hurting anyone else or yourself.)

When Dr. Janov entered the room the first words out of his mouth communicated to me what was to become the truth of the novel HYPERSPACE. He said, “It’s really sick out there. Neurosis is more common than the common cold.” At this point in time I consider those words to be an understatement, albeit one that pinpoints the problem. Neurosis is a rampant component of the homo sapiens species; psychosis is widespread often running a psychopathic course (e.g. ISIS); and normal psychological brain function (normal in the sense of process, not numbers) is rare. If you want to understand why planet Earth, your home, is a Lunatic Asylum, HYPERSPACE will show you!


Buy Hyperspace at Amazon.com   Buy Hyperspace at BarnesandNoble.com   Buy Hyperspace at AuthorHouse.com

The HYPERSPACE blog post referred to above makes the point that popular fiction (the only fiction writing with money making potential in today’s market), and literary fiction, are both worthy art forms. But if anyone wants to read literary fiction, a book store probably will not be carrying any contemporary examples of such. If you know what you are looking for, you will find it on Amazon and other online book sites. HYPERSPACE is one such.

If you read HYPERSPACE, I make one promise to you: in terms of depth of character development, as well as scene and event description, reading HYPERSPACE will be closer to reading MOBY DICK than reading anything in pop fiction would be, because HYPERSPACE, like MOBY DICK, is gut-wrenching real life squeezed into words.

No one will get an argument from me that reading pop fiction is enjoyable and worthwhile. However, if you want to experience a probing of characters’ souls in a real-life format, HYPERSPACE (as MOBY DICK and other great literary works) is a book to read.

Buy Hyperspace at Amazon.com   Buy Hyperspace at BarnesandNoble.com  Buy Hyperspace at AuthorHouse.com

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