HYPERSPACE [a literary depiction of psychosis]



To You of Discriminating Literary Discernment,

Procure an edition of HYPERSPACE (inexpensive well-bound hard or soft cover, or economical ebook–Kindle or Nook), and you will enjoy the same high caliber of story-transformed-to-life throughout the entire novel as exists in the excerpts presented below.

Scroll past WARNING posted below to the excerpt entitled A Day in the Asylum: A Day on Planet EarthAs you read this piece you will understand its title. In this section of story you will WITNESS the Asylum’s (planet Earth’s) grasping, life-choking tentacles entwine themselves around the young protagonist seemingly in an attempt to make his life a living hell! But the origin of his hell begins during and directly after his birth, a factor which is exposed within the novel’s depths. What makes this component of the story so important, so URGENT, is that it happens to be a widespread phenomenon throughout the homo sapiens species around our planet. As Frederick Leboyer, noted French obstetrician and author of Birth Without Violence, once wrote me, “The treatment, no! mistreatment of the New-born is still, practically EVERYWHERE all over the world as criminal as ever.” Such treatment of newborns is a major explanation for the over preponderance of teenage suicides: young people lost in overwhelming negative sensations emanating from the traumatized part of the preconscious brain (the rhombencephalon or hindbrain), a profoundly negative state effectuated at or soon after birth by various types of painful experiences initiated by stressful obstetric practices and other unheeded external factors.

If you scroll down past Jason, Last of the Argonauts, and continue scrolling past purchasing information, to HYPERSPACE/An escape from hell, you have access to two more sizable excerpts: Meeting 1, in which a most beautiful, alluring young woman makes an unmistakably sexually provocative advance towards the protagonist, precipitating him onto an unexpected trajectory of confronting the Abyss, resulting in his attempt to escape from hell, including how the character’s deep involvement with music helps him “travel” to his Star Friend . . . on the Ultimate Voyage; and Meeting 2, in which the protagonist when a child meets his Star Friend, to which he looks as his life’s beneficent and loving Guide. I encourage you to also read these two alternative excerpts. They will present you with two contrasting experiences in the protagonist’s life that will truly gain your interest. These divergent experiences are intimately related by their connection to the protagonist’s traumatic post-birth experiences. To better understand the psychodynamics of this phenomenon, you may want to scroll past Meeting 2 and read the blog post that follows, entitled The Most Important Novel of the 20th and 21st Centuries, and the comments which follow this post, which are components of a dialogue between the author (me) and a skeptic who was confident that directing oneself spiritually is adequate for the dispelling of all internal problems. I am fairly certain that my psychologically sound explanations encouraged him to rethink the issue. Also, reading the excerpts Meeting 1 and Meeting 2 will supply greater story context to the excerpt entitled A Day in the Asylum: A Day on Planet Earth.

I hope you enjoy these excerpts. [A fuller, more complete version of A Day in the Asylum: A Day on Planet Earth is available for reading on page three of the HYPERSPACE site. Scroll to the bottom of page one and click Older Entries and then scroll to Older Entries again on page two. Now scroll until you reach the title of this excerpt on page three.]

Have a great read!


The Author


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