[not science-fiction]

Rather than viewing a street vender hawking inconsequential wares, what you see before you is an author traversing the streets of the internet wheeling his cart of HYPERSPACE books. 

I say of HYPERSPACE that it is “the most important novel of the 20th and 21st centuries.”  This is not a specious claim.  People in general, and those conscious of current events in particular, must be aware that planet Earth is a world of tempestuousness.  If one subtracts from this condition of tempestuousness natural calamities such as storms, earthquakes, and life-killing cold and heat, the nature of our species, homo sapiens sapiens, is reason enough to wonder if we are capable of surviving on this planet–surviving our own insane behavior.  Homo sapiens’ shortcomings include an innate propensity to violence, war, power mongering, rape, bigotry, and inability to respect differences in other individuals and groups. To be succinct: we are members of a species that is suicidal!  

Anyone reading this post is aware, on some level, of the above described reality.  But do any of you have an explanation as to why we, as a species, are suicidal?

Such an explanation exists.  If you go to the post entitled The Most Important Novel of the 20th and 21st Centuries,


you will read in this post a summary of this explanation.  You are strongly encouraged, at the end of The Most Important Novel of the 20th and 21st Centuries, to read 4 Responses to “HYPERSPACE,” an intense interchange between a visitor to the site and me, the author.  Discover the visitor’s reaction to the post and my response.  It is generally educational and pertinent to the understanding of why the species of which you are a member has transformed planet Earth into a lunatic asylum!

If you are interested in learning what goes into the manufacturing of insanity on planet Earth, I strongly urge you to purchase HYPERSPACE and watch this manufacture of insanity and its ramifications in the life of an individual unfold before your eyes.

I use the phrase “watch this manufacture” pointedly, because my style of writing is to show events and allow the story to unfold through this showing.  In short, utilizing exquisite prose, I create verbal paintings so that the reader perceives the events almost as if it were through his or her own senses of sight, hearing, and touch.  When you read this book you will see, hear, and feel with your sense perceptions all that Jason sees, hears, and touches.  Read HYPERSPACE and perceive the origin of insanity and its ramifications in one individual.  When you reach the end of Jason’s journey with its punch in the gut ending, I suggest you remember his birth and post-birth experience, poetically depicted within the story, and extrapolate this experience to millions, perhaps billions, of people across the planet.  Subsequent to this, when you read or hear of the insanity-laced news of the day, you will remember the psychotic individual portrayed in HYPERSPACE, and the problem’s source.

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or call 888-728-8467


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