chariot-woman riding calm–hysterically shrieking mob besieging–rushing grabbing palla tearing–in dank church cellar dimly lit/men holding her down raking her skin–her strap-bound pain-writhed twisting body–her horrifying anguished screaming cries–in narrow church confines an echoing hell–bleeding breathing skinless soul iniquitous men into flames are throwing–mitered smiling bishop nodding/slavering at sight of this God-bedamned act . . . “. . . man! And they thought they were being good Christians!”  <bishop cyril still church saint  . . .0   “. . . but when he laid his diseased subhuman hands on Hypatia, Cyril the saint murdered philosophy, math, science and classical civilization all in one shot, ’cause Hypatia was the Einstein of her day and last of the Neo-Platonists.”   He is beginning rising, turning towards the doorway at the other side of the room.  <i think of hypatia and laugh at morons saying women inherently inferior in math and science0   “Jesus would have gone after the fanatic Cyril, that bishop, that saint, the sadistic murderous subhuman fiend, with a sword.”


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