God bless Whitney Houston because she lived to bring goodness into the world.  Now may she know only Goodness.

When I become aware of someone like Whitney Houston, a person who turns to drugs to stifle immense internal sufferings due to upsurging Pain which results in premature death, the first question that arises in my mind is: “I wonder what they did to her at birth and during the first hours and days following birth?”

If you are mistreated at birth those events will negatively modify your brain and the traumatic ramifications will stalk you for the rest of your life.

My novel HYPERSPACE is essentially about what happens to individuals at birth, i.e., how they are mistreated: painful slaps on the behind, bright lights sending shocks through new vision; loud noises inexplicable to the newborn creating shockwaves roaring through the new person’s body and being; painfully acerbic astringents rubbed in different body areas, including eyes and nose; and ZERO human contact and affection to such an extreme that some newborns are left in isolation for extended periods of time (the Glass Cage experience), where they cry for human contact “endlessly,” but none is to be had in a timely human fashion.  All of these occurrences leave an impression on the brain.  The more painful the event, the more traumatic the impression.  The baby you see in a “glass cage” crying in a hospital ward is not a senseless thing!  She or he is a living, breathing human being!  The newborn human feels all of her or his experiences and the brains of such newborn individuals lock in these experiences (neuronal gating) to protect her or him from feeling totally any traumatic birth or post-birth experience, for to completely feel such traumatic experience will be perceived by the total organism as a life threat.  Neuronal gating is the brain’s protecting, life-saving mechanism.

All of the above described experiences of the newborn are preconscious events (events occurring before the brain’s maturation of a functioning cortex).  By the time the individual in question becomes an adolescent and sexual, these buried experiences are unlocked by the brain (neuronally ungated) and surge upward during stressful situations as well as subsequent to orgasm.  Specific stressful situations can be reminders of past unconscious events.  Such  situations may feel like the original pre-conscious event and will precipitate the pre-conscious memory of that event resulting in ungating neurons and the release of unconscious, buried traumatic Pain.  This memory is not a conscious thought or visualization.  It is a psychophysiological perception–it is FELT throughout the person’s being as the awfulness of life.  No words to describe it exist in the person experiencing this, because the experience is pre-conscious (existing before language). Orgasm, an electrical discharge, also ungates brain neurons, also resulting in released unconscious Pain.  In either case the result is the same: the individual in question (such as Whitney Houston) has no conscious knowledge of why she is suffering unimaginable sufferings.  The individual knows only one thing: “I must escape the awfulness of life.”  This escape is most often sought by drug use.  It is also sought by suicide.

My hope is that people will be interested enough to want to familiarize themselves with the essential problem of our species by reading HYPERSPACE and learn that the existence of planet Earth as a Lunatic Asylum, past and present, is not a coincidence.

HYPERSPACE is not a psychology textbook explaining this phenomenon.  It is a novel, a story concerning an individual suffering the above described malady…a malady more widespread across the planet than any infectious disease.  When you read HYPERSPACE you will see the events unfold before your eyes.  You will be there.  And if enough individuals read this book, visit these events, understand what it is about, maybe a widespread understanding will ensue. Thus, if enough people become familiar with the origin of mass lunacy on planet Earth, perhaps they will view obstetrics facilities in hospitals around the world with a jaundiced eye and perhaps such facilities will be forced to modify their practices and treat newborns like human beings requiring loving human contact, rather than as objects to be pushed, slapped, and isolated, mere wards or inmates of that facility…enough so that tragedies like that of Whitney Houston, suffering a malady of which she was consciously unaware even while in its midst, will cease to occur.  Perhaps then, such a person, with immense talent that is meant to comfort and bring goodness to others, but who is unable  to fulfill that mission due to preoccupation with trying to quell Pain-upsurge with drugs, or who, with more direct intent, may commit suicide, will no longer senselessly be robbed of her or his life at such a young age.  Nor will the rest of us be robbed so soon of such a presence among us.



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