Why is Planet Earth a



Is our species, homo sapiens sapiens, innately suicidal? To this very day there is a multitude of individuals spread around the planet who are convinced that if they utterly annihilate those who are different than they, and kill themselves in the process, they will achieve Paradise! Is there something intrinsically twisted in our DNA that has resulted in a history of bloody violence and torture? Or is there another factor? Is there an existential element which though known to some psychologists and to a particular school of obstetrics that remains ignored by the medical profession, thus allowing a destructive, brain twisting series of events to torturously dominate the lives of individuals around the planet, allowing them to act out compulsively in irrational ways to their detriment oblivious to their own survival and often having as their goal mass annihilation of others?

When you read HYPERSPACE you will be shown the origin of the element in one individual which malevolently influences the brains of many around the planet. You will then experience the likely end result! HYPERSPACE is so written that the reader virtually perceives events through the sense perceptions of the protagonist.

If one views the Map of Literature, one sees bursts of literary brightness sporadically across its span.  HYPERSPACE, which brings a new literary style to the reader, is such a burst of literary brightness. It is a work of literature you owe it to yourself to possess!

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